Do you have a story to share with the Canton? What about a photo that you took at an event? Do you have an A&S project that you want to share with the group? Please share your contributions for the Canton Newsletter with the Chronicler. For a photo that you took please include the Photographer Release. If you are in a photo that you are sharing please include the Model Release. If you are sharing a poem, song, story, recipe, or article that you wrote please include the Creative Release.

As with any group times change and the name of the newsletter reflects those changes. Our newsletter was first called The Motley Press (Gina was Chronicler), then The Cup Runneth Over (Leota was Chronicler), and it is now The Myrgenfeld Chronicler (Kesenia was chronicler) and the name continues with The Myrgenfeld Chronicler (with Gina as Chronicler again). Included on this page is the current newsletter.

April newsletter-converted