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We have our first demo - Raptor's Keep will be out with the birds. 
Display and Demonstration of birds of prey

Teacher                                                 Class Title
Angelina Francesca de Nardi -     Tempo and Measure for Rapier 101

HE Don Elric Dracwin -                 Using dagger with rapier

Duke Gunthar Jonsson -               Single Sword: Focus on control and counters

Duke Gunthar Jonsson -                Body Movement and Shot Mechanics

Siaua thugater Karsas -                Cross Training for Fighters

HE Caterina Giovanni -                 Siege authorization class

Aldric de Kerr -                            Basic stance with sword and shield

Aldric de Kerr -                            Armor for the Chivalric fighter

Lillias MacGuffin -                        Showing off your Arms: Heraldry on and off the Field

Oddr Marsson -                            Wood Shield Making

Lord Matteo de Genua -                Siege engine Construction

Marcis von Furth -                        Rapier Fighting from the ground

Sainte de Bois and Muireen -         Youth Combat from the beginning

HL Wilhelm Meis -                        Crests! The apex of wearable heraldry

Jacques de Saint Amour -            Very German Swordplay: Three Fundamental Techniques

HL Marie de Girau and Duke Mahdi-    Wolfpacks and Tigers: Use of personality typing to be a                                                                         more effective student and/or teacher 

Elspeth Monypenny -                        Clicker Train your Cadet, and Pavlov's Squire: Using                                                                         Behavioral Science to Improve your training

Elspeth Monypenny -                        Part 2: Practical

Duchess Willow de Wisp -          The impact of the fighter on the community and Dream of the SCA

Duke Jonathan -                         So you want to be a Knight

Duke Jonathan -                        The basic fighting fundamentals of a successful SCA fighting style

Vincenti da Murano -                 Youth Archery ( A Parent must attend with the child / children)