Open Offices

A&S office is open through May 31. Please submit applications to the Seneschal, the current A&S, the A&S officer of Wiesenfeuer, and the Northern Regional A&S officer. The current officers last month is June.

Rapier Marshal
Chivalric Marshal
 Office Officer  When took office When office is open
 Seneschal  Lady Leaota of Rutlandshire August 2018July 2020
 ReeveAElfwen AEthelstans dohtor October 2018 September 2020
 A & S Cyneswith AEthelstans dohtor June 2017 May 2019
 ChroniclerLady Kseniia Volkova August 2017 July 2019 
 HospitalerHL Kerridwyn Ferch DunnochApril 2019 March 2021 
 Webminister HL Aubrey Ericsdatter August 2017 July 2019